Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Deep Fill Diva

When Kym Mazelle coos "I want it so deep" she's probably breathing into her local Drive-Thru fast food joint, but it is also clear this gigantic diva needs her fill and by the sound of it only an 8ft tall basketball player is up to the job of delivering this outrageous demand. "What can I do, what can I say" is the caring less shoulder-shrugging reasonable defence. The track itself unassumingly bops along using Italo-house piano keys sharp enough to cut through her disappointing lovers' freshly maxed out credit cards. Her brazen repitition "how can I make you love me the right way?" is the rejoice of an ovulating MILF who revels in glorious 90s "I'll have sex with anyone tonight" dance heaven - a rapturous refrain that suggests she's not exactly caring if her man ain't up to it as she'll go get it else where with the girls. The song's strength is apparant from its simplicity, so much so that despite its casual #22 chart placing it ranks as one of the very finest offerrings from a decade that had a wealth of unforgettable gem after another. Big Maz is a faceless dance diva for sure, yet her enormous capacity to let rip not only after wolfing down a Big Mac but also in the recording booth laying down vocals sets her apart from most. Italian producers Rapination would soon work with botox frog Kylie Minogue on her first Deconstruction album, but would never again find such a spirited muse for primal gyrating meaningless house music.

Love Me The Right Way (Gee & Professor 7" Mix)
Love Me The Right Way (The Real Rapino 12" Mix)
Love Me The Right Way (The Angelino Ambiento Mix)

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