Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lady Hagagard

Okay, her Alejandro vid is pretty homosexual (yes, the gays are so stylish, etc) and I love the climactic orgy scene - they way I see it, it's in inadvertant dig towards all those gays who think the str8er they are the hotter they are, and where will it end? Honestly, it shouldn't be extended into such tripe, otherwise it would be absolutely outstanding - simply a catchy pop song, it's like going to the Ritz and being served shit with chopsticks.

Anyway, above is the real Lady Gaga as I see her. As I see her, not how I hear her.

I am a few hours away from flying back to Germany (to spend time with my very own bit of Euro), and visiting some other countries (France, Holland and Belgium), for a month, so won't be posting again until July (I have so much I cannot wait to write about, such as the Return of Katie Price, so no doubt I shall spurt my load here once more in no time). I will also soon be resuming my studies once again in September, so hopefully I shall still post but with more 'quality control' shall we say.

Enjoy your summers!


Dries S said...

If your in Belgium, give me a sign cuz I live there.
In which city will you stay?

Diva Incarnate said...

Antwerp, I think. I´m kind of hoping to bump into Kate Ryan, in my dreams!

I can#t believe I am in Germany and missed Kylie!

Dries S said...

Antwerp is almost the farest you can get from :-p Not that far: Belgium is not that big.

Do you stay with friends, family?

Diva Incarnate said...

send me an email, it's easier.