Friday, 28 January 2011

Billie Ray Martin - Sweet Suburban Disco

Gutter-glam electro madamme Billie Ray Martin's seething sensations continue to beguile as the German techno-Dusty/Dietrich dance diva and balladeer extraordinare treated and tweeted her faithful fans to a free download. Previewing a hefty remix package due on the 28th next month, the murky shades of Oriental mistique meets no Berlin disco sauna dark room in particular of Sweet Suburban Disco is a faster Bright Lights Fading - if it got anymore sleazy the artwork would need to feature a sling. Ever the play-it-safe lyricist, "she counts her blisters like every party she's ever missed" could be complexion-perfection or sinister botched surgery with the visible staples to match. Grimacing with narcacistic stoicism, "the pain still lingers on" is something of an addiction as dwelling on such neon-lightedness is nothing she hasn't done before. I just hope she challenges herself a bit more, but this is dependably Billie. Co-produced by Mike Vamp of Berlin-based electronic dance whores Märtini Brös, Vince Clarke of Erasure is on remix duty alongside Severino, Luke Solomon and Ray Grant. 2011 is set to be a very active year for the singer who has not released a studio album since 2001's outstanding Eighteen Carat Garbage: her long-awaited solo album is set for release at some point, her long-awaited Opiates album is set for release whenever it happens, and a collaboration with Hard Ton will probably see the light of day whenever that happens as well. Billie will also tour with Lady Gaga in 2020 if she can "find a minute to even think."


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Roxette - She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio(

Roxette - She got nothing on (but the radio) from Mats Udd on Vimeo.

Not much to say ... it's not amazing is it? Recycling the same kind of sleazy riff as Girls On Film, this just isn't much of a Roxette track - in fact Marie hardly opens her gob until the subdued middle-8. Her vocal on the wooshy and wistful One Wish was awesome so we know she can do it, but I think the days of the chaffing-leather heat of Hotblooded have been bled dry. We shall see come the release of Charm School - as disappointed as I am by the first single, my excitement for the album has not diminished.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Linda Sundblad - I'm A Star

Wetting our appetities before launching her iminent Melodifestivalen campaign, Linda Sundblad has a goofey new pop song I'm A Star available for free on her website - go download it here. It's been cheering me up for the past two days, sounding like a rainbow of pop influences including Britney, Rihanna and (but actually in a good way). Don't say you weren't warned.

Cheryl Slams Gamu

Above: Cheryl still hasn't seen the back of Gamu.

After being shunned by the UK's fastest-selling racist Cheryl Cole, X-Factor's Simon-seeker Gamu has somehow managed to stun the world by having newspapers print false rumours that she has been signed by 50 Cent's music label. After You're My Sunshine being so edgy and all, is Ring A Ring 'O Roses on the cards to next year's auditions? I'm guessing as much as Cheryl probably already calls her the black plague as it is. I hope Gamu does make a triumphant return on this year's contest as it will mean another 'toughest, limpest and lifeless-est year of me lyfe' again for the nations racist sweetheart Cole.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Get Ur Freak On

It's on kids, Freak Asylum have showcased some new pics from their new video. Happy 2011 K-Lo fans!

It's official, fan-of-the-tan Kelly Llorenna is into swinging. In fact, she says she's mad for it.