Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gala - Lose Yourself In Me (New Single 2011)

Gala's decision to embrace her dance legacy was clearly a close shave.
Owner of possibly the best sculpted cheekbones short of a 90 degrees angle, enigmatic musical hero of mine Gala has impressively sent shock-waves through my shivering body upon my first half a dozen listens of her very new spine-tingling single called, you might have guessed, Lose Yourself In Me, a dance-identified electronic, throbbing dance ballad.

Positively drenched in all her trademark Gala quirks, its melancholic splendor finds the Italian dance warrior on beguiling form (fans would expect nothing less).  I simply cannot think when I am enjoying new music as much as this - what a fine treat for my ears to hear it, an unexpected return to unequivocal dance music from the creator of the 90s classics Freed From Desire, Let A Boy Cry, Come Into My Life, Everyone Has Inside and Suddenly (which were all Italian top 5 smashes).  The song has already been embraced by a random German radion station and is #5 on this chart.  Gala continues to reek havoc around the world whilst touring and rigorously sharpening her game.  If we get a video, expect her signature androgynous posturing. Fed on a diet of visceral rhythms and philosophical lyrics, Lose Yourself In Me falls nothing short of mesmerizing.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is happening with Diva Incarnate.

At the moment I am not able to consistently update the blog: the quality control has been uneven in terms of tone and content. Initially, much of the writing consisted of subtly imposing an irreverent fiction onto the subjects of my album and song write-ups, and more recently the humor became less vulgar and less obvious.  A recent 'return to form' post was my review of Sabrina Salerno's flop 1999 album Broken Flowers, but writing track-by-track articles can take a whole evening of listening to music, which is fine if I'm not tired or busy with other distractions.  My plan is to post when I can, but try and post at least one album review per month and aim to share a few songs or news of various happenings with the artists that I like.  My blog has never aimed to simply regurgitate news that is heard on other blogs (although I will always credit my source whenever this is the case, which is something I deleted another blog from my links section when they copied-and pasted material from my blog to theirs without even linking their source); and my blog has never been merely about building up readership by commenting on other sites simply to get my own web-page promoted.  So basically, if you have enjoyed my blog then I appreciate that enormously, but I simply can't go back to posting 20-30 posts per month ever again. I am in my final year of studies but am keen to keep Diva Incarnate thriving one way or another.  Feel free to follow me on twitter (the link should be at the top right of the page), and I would love to hear from people.

G xx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Aqua Head Over To Venus (Via Uranus, Probably)

Is there a man telling us to purchase this from iTunes, or has Rene's voice just really improved?

Head over to Chart Rigger for a more thorough Aqua seeing to.

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Opiates - Hollywood Under The Knife

Above: Britney Spears may have turned down Reality TV, but Billie still managed to snatch her wig.
Billie Ray Martin is all set to release her long-awaited Opiates album called Hollywood Under The Knife.  To say it has been hard work for her to get to this stage would be an understatement, the project clearly means a lot to her and Diva Incarnate cannot wait to hear it all. Personally, I have stayed away from hearing snippets as I want this to be a fresh experience. The song Reality TV (Lonely, Lonely Girl) has been a huge favourite for a few years now, and was first touted to Britney of all people back in 2007! The song is definately pop, but Billie has a voice that cannot be covered and I would never be satisfied hearing anyone else sing her song first.  BRM also submitted a proper pop song to Dannii Minogue's older sister Kylie called Sattelite, so fingers crossed we get that on an eventual Billie Ray Martin solo album, which is promised.  The album Hollywood Under The Knife is out 17.10.11 preceded by an EP 19.09.11. These can be pre-ordered on iTunes now.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dannii's new album Fear of Releasing Music track-listing revealed!

Above: Dannii was 'floored' when she heard Healing On The Dancefloor.

Former sunlounger tyrant turned frumpy MILF Dannii Minogue must be scoring as high as her sisters right eyebrow right now as all her unreleased post Neon Nights recordings seem to be hitting the back of the net.  Hard.  Whilst we all anticipate how disappointing, lazy and half-assed her next bootleg single will be when it arrives in 2015, Team Minogue must have decided to get our juices flowing with an unexpected array of 'buzz' singles.  Late to arrive, Healing On The Dancefloor comes just days after its sister tracks Fear of Flying and Karma Is A Bitch were exposed to mixed responses, in turns blown away, moderately pleased and lukewarm.  Diva Incarnate is very much in favour of how sophisticated and artistic they are - take Fear of Flying for example where Dannii tells heartfelt tales about homophobia, office worker ennui and domestic violence before rejecting any responsibility herself by blurting out "answers? I don't know".  Healing On The Dancefloor is a low key stunner, but no single.  Who is to say whether any of these would have done well for her as singles? We must remember that Spend Your Love On Me sounded a tiny bit like that slightly successful #1 single Just A Little Bit by Liberty X, but in a distinctly Dannii way (ie. bitchy, aloof and tinged with drug-induced glamour). The only other track that has yet to leak, that I have long wanted to hear anyway, is a Kara DioGuardi co-write called Message In A Bottle.  Maybe Nathansayz forgot to wash all the KY off his hands when he logged into gaydar to persuade guys to have sex with him and the whole thing just backfired - however we have got these tracks doesn't matter, it is a bittersweet time to be a Dannii Fannii yet again.

My own 'imaginary' Dannii 2004 album called Fear of Releasing Music goes ... something like this:

01. Fear of Flying
02. Karma Is A Bitch
03. Spend Your Love On Me
04. Going Going Gone
05. Sex Dice
06. No Romeo
07. Message In A Bottle
08. Welcome The Teardrops
09. Karma Sutra
10. Invitation
11. Do You Believe Me Now
12. Healing On The Dancefloor
13. Loving You All Over Again