Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dannii's Belated 'Buzz' Singles

In an effort to create some 'buzz' for Dannii Minogue's stagnant pop career, two of her most highly-anticipated unreleased tracks have recently leaked. Both Karma Is A Bitch and the supposed lead single that never was Fear of Flying are 'out there'. Recorded for the follow-up to 2003's nice n' sleazy Neon Nights album, they were produced by Korpi and Blackcell along with another as-yet unreleased song called Healing On The Dancefloor. Karma is by far my favourite, silky, smooth and seductive, it simply glides into your ears and is good enough to make me believe Guy Sigsworth produced it! It also contains the bitchy lyric "is that baby on prescriptions just to get into a zone?" Fear of Flying is not as instant, but has even dirtier beats and contains a heartfelt plot about a gay guy coming out of the closet (done much better than a certain try-hard tranny I could mention), and the rippling middle-8 followed by a stream of piano keys are utterly divine. Both tracks ooze classic Dannii iciness and yet are luxurious and touching. What they both highlight is how lazy she became with her AATW mash-ups such as You Won't Buys This Either, Rejection and Douche Me Like That. If she had an album ready to go containing these two leaks, not to mention the 'odds and ends' Unleashed compilation album highlights Spend Your Love On Me and No Romeo, then she was a major nong for choosing the easy option of releasing disparate dance mash-ups with AATW every 6 months.

Friday, 5 August 2011

New Gala EP In The Works

Gala backstage at Zenith Toulouse 2011
I am rather busy these days, but the return of Gala with a new EP has brought me back. The enigmatic Italian music creator is working on the project in New York, but has been busy on the road in Europe performing her classic 90s hits as well as her more recent Tough Love album material, including the bristling dance-rock hybrid Different Kind of Love and the passionate title track. From the same album, the pre-civil partnership dance-pop ballad You & Me remains one of my favourite songs of all time and I just cannot wait to hear what the singer has came up with next!