Thursday, 11 September 2014

Losing My Mind - Liza Minnelli

It's almost impossible to consider either Joan Crawford or Bette Davis without the other, but in doing so is a disservice to two very distinct careers. Both were unrelenting in their determination to remain on top, so it was unsurprising that they would collide in a number of ways throughout the years. What they both have in common, besides the obvious, is that they adapted as they got older and never looked back in the process. Joan held onto her 'star image' for longer, which meant that in the 1950s her films showcase her vintage traits with increasingly bizarre and 'camp' results. And speaking of results, Liza's album boasts a number of dramatic turns and indeed torch songs (least I mention Joan's unforgettable flop tour de force Torch Song, which one could argue was her All About Eve), and so Losing My Mind seemed like the obvious, and only, song choice to soundtrack Crawford's demented and determined screen turns (wherein she is often driven to despair and utter madness). An awful woman, monstrous and powerful, she made every second on screen count and as uncomfortable as it is to admire such an unfortunate individual, she remains one of the ultimate movie stars.

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