Friday, 25 April 2008

Shifting Piles

With Madonna's 4 Minutes inevitably reaching the summit of the charts as it was supposed to (think the sound of an elephant shifting about the dancefloor with a bad case of piles), it's a perverse glory for the 49 year old MILF. The track, presumably a countdown to the menapause, is basically Timbaland and his bitch Justin wanking into Madge's goldfish-like gaping mouth she's so weak and passive on her own song (I'll grant her that "no hesitating" is the main hook for me). However, the acrobatic video is beyond marvelous, flaunting herself as if she has no idea what the track even sounds like but still fully aware of herself from all sinewy angles. I still can't figure out who she resembles in the video: a clean Courtney Love circa 1998; a freshly fucked Nicholette Sherridan; or a singer called Madge.

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