Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cheryl Slams Gamu

Above: Cheryl still hasn't seen the back of Gamu.

After being shunned by the UK's fastest-selling racist Cheryl Cole, X-Factor's Simon-seeker Gamu has somehow managed to stun the world by having newspapers print false rumours that she has been signed by 50 Cent's music label. After You're My Sunshine being so edgy and all, is Ring A Ring 'O Roses on the cards to next year's auditions? I'm guessing as much as Cheryl probably already calls her the black plague as it is. I hope Gamu does make a triumphant return on this year's contest as it will mean another 'toughest, limpest and lifeless-est year of me lyfe' again for the nations racist sweetheart Cole.

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