Friday, 28 January 2011

Billie Ray Martin - Sweet Suburban Disco

Gutter-glam electro madamme Billie Ray Martin's seething sensations continue to beguile as the German techno-Dusty/Dietrich dance diva and balladeer extraordinare treated and tweeted her faithful fans to a free download. Previewing a hefty remix package due on the 28th next month, the murky shades of Oriental mistique meets no Berlin disco sauna dark room in particular of Sweet Suburban Disco is a faster Bright Lights Fading - if it got anymore sleazy the artwork would need to feature a sling. Ever the play-it-safe lyricist, "she counts her blisters like every party she's ever missed" could be complexion-perfection or sinister botched surgery with the visible staples to match. Grimacing with narcacistic stoicism, "the pain still lingers on" is something of an addiction as dwelling on such neon-lightedness is nothing she hasn't done before. I just hope she challenges herself a bit more, but this is dependably Billie. Co-produced by Mike Vamp of Berlin-based electronic dance whores Märtini Brös, Vince Clarke of Erasure is on remix duty alongside Severino, Luke Solomon and Ray Grant. 2011 is set to be a very active year for the singer who has not released a studio album since 2001's outstanding Eighteen Carat Garbage: her long-awaited solo album is set for release at some point, her long-awaited Opiates album is set for release whenever it happens, and a collaboration with Hard Ton will probably see the light of day whenever that happens as well. Billie will also tour with Lady Gaga in 2020 if she can "find a minute to even think."



A1 said...

oh wow! one of the remixers is a very good friend of mine, and then some ;)
too exciting!!

Diva Incarnate said...

I hope a good remix can save it - she's kind of repeating herself.