Friday, 2 March 2012

Saint Etienne - Hug My Soul (Motiv8 Remix)

With their new euphoric pop track Tonight coming soon, it got me to thinking about Saint Etienne's more glitzier dance outings. There's something so sultry about this one: the furtive and velvety verses are low key, making lusty observations, Cracknell playing some sort of romance novel drenched paranoid wreck with no appetite, or in a drowsy diet pill stupor, or something, then the dreamy chorus that wraps around and smothers you like candy floss. I know the Motiv8 remix tarts it up a bit to gaudily for some, and the original certainly is the most charming and swoon-inducing, but the facelessly uplifting Hi-NRG rhythm from Steve Roadway gets me everytime (it must be the Gina G connection). I just thought I'd write something stream-of-conscious to stylistically imitate how my imagination feels when listening to this little wondrous gem.

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