Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gala - You & Me (Tareq Rework)

A few months ago, Gala had asked me to upload a remix of her song You & Me to youtube after kindly sending it to me. I have chosen to include a montage of 4 different music videos from the same era in which it came from (Faraway, I Am The World The World Is Me, You & Me itself and Tough Love) to accommodate the extended intro and outros, with the original video itself staying the same. The song was originally recorded for her 2009 record Tough Love and always stood out to me as something of a disco ballad tinged with punk undertones, and a quiet but stirring remix had lay unreleased ever since. Until now. Gala's strident romance collides with an eloquent disco ballad groove (as reworked by Tareq). Her unforgettably striking and androgynous posturing brings the poignancy, desire and euphoric anguish to life. A song highlighted by an urge to express itself; a hybrid of sexual rejoice and political rebellion.

In other Gala news, the song Lose Yourself In Me is gearing up for a French release (the singer enjoyed two number ones in this territory in the 90s, so this is a huge step).

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