Saturday, 26 February 2011

Berger Bests 2011 So Far

Like an electro Bootylicious, Berger is back in business with what turns out to be a slice of Robyn-esque perfection, but can you handle this? Melancholy that doesn't demand emotional investment (but can if you wish), it can be experienced on many levels - for me I opt for the level known as "on my laptop sipping coffee trying not to miss my mouth", but I imagine some people might be moved enough to dance or even might misinterpret the sadness and actually just top themselves (I don't think they can handle this). Just beautiful - my ears are drooling for more. If saying it would be the 4th best song off her last album is the worst that can be said about it, that's no bad thing (personally it's up there with her robot porn from before). I'm in love with it. There is a misty taste of reggae - get The Knife on it at once. I could imagine Diana Vickers knocking something like this out for her next album.

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