Friday, 11 February 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way is OUT and proud

She's all about being 'out' (of ideas, etc), and so her brand new track is now just that too - it's out okay? If you have a 'problem' with her new single 'coming out' then you either have ears, taste or a repressed sexual appetite for male ass (and if you are a girl make that candles, period dramas and tuna fish). A strident, bouncey little disco track along the lines of Express Yourself via Kylie's Light Years, the rapid-fire beats from the Utah Saint's Something Good and Geri Halliwell's Bag It Up. A loooong way off deserving any hype (it's endearingly naff and almost manages to be unpretentious), I think I'll be able to enjoy this track but if the hysteria builds as much as it did on Bad Romance then I'll ditch this bitch faster than Lindsay Lohan cleaning up a line of coke. I'm surprised it's so frivolous... but it's still as (lyrically) self-concious as ever (which makes me thinks she's one of those "additional lyrics" co-writers!).

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