Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dannii's new album Fear of Releasing Music track-listing revealed!

Above: Dannii was 'floored' when she heard Healing On The Dancefloor.

Former sunlounger tyrant turned frumpy MILF Dannii Minogue must be scoring as high as her sisters right eyebrow right now as all her unreleased post Neon Nights recordings seem to be hitting the back of the net.  Hard.  Whilst we all anticipate how disappointing, lazy and half-assed her next bootleg single will be when it arrives in 2015, Team Minogue must have decided to get our juices flowing with an unexpected array of 'buzz' singles.  Late to arrive, Healing On The Dancefloor comes just days after its sister tracks Fear of Flying and Karma Is A Bitch were exposed to mixed responses, in turns blown away, moderately pleased and lukewarm.  Diva Incarnate is very much in favour of how sophisticated and artistic they are - take Fear of Flying for example where Dannii tells heartfelt tales about homophobia, office worker ennui and domestic violence before rejecting any responsibility herself by blurting out "answers? I don't know".  Healing On The Dancefloor is a low key stunner, but no single.  Who is to say whether any of these would have done well for her as singles? We must remember that Spend Your Love On Me sounded a tiny bit like that slightly successful #1 single Just A Little Bit by Liberty X, but in a distinctly Dannii way (ie. bitchy, aloof and tinged with drug-induced glamour). The only other track that has yet to leak, that I have long wanted to hear anyway, is a Kara DioGuardi co-write called Message In A Bottle.  Maybe Nathansayz forgot to wash all the KY off his hands when he logged into gaydar to persuade guys to have sex with him and the whole thing just backfired - however we have got these tracks doesn't matter, it is a bittersweet time to be a Dannii Fannii yet again.

My own 'imaginary' Dannii 2004 album called Fear of Releasing Music goes ... something like this:

01. Fear of Flying
02. Karma Is A Bitch
03. Spend Your Love On Me
04. Going Going Gone
05. Sex Dice
06. No Romeo
07. Message In A Bottle
08. Welcome The Teardrops
09. Karma Sutra
10. Invitation
11. Do You Believe Me Now
12. Healing On The Dancefloor
13. Loving You All Over Again


QH said...

You know, I think Dannii really let her momentum go when she didn't come back after her first "Neon Nights" best of dropped. Which is a shame, because frankly, NN is the most seminal dance-pop recording of the last decade imho.

Though, it has given her her own level of mystique to leave after such a bold creative, critical, and commercial victory. I remember dancing to those songs when I was 18, I'm now 26, and the record has held up beyond expectations. Looking forward to whatever she does. Good work.-QH

Diva Incarnate said...

Well it was a bold move to leave London (as was the PR spin at the time), who supposedly would have made her wait a year to release the NN follow-up due to their financial issues, but her 'deal' with AATW records was basically her delivering songs to them and releasing them if she got the green light, with no album campaign to anchor her brand and career as a viable recording artist. Releasing one-off singles 6 months after each other really destroyed all the solid momentum of her 4 top tens.

It's very sad as these leaked songs, along with what we have heard on Unleashed and from the Nomi Madness cover of Dannii's Billy Steinberg co-written Welcome The Teardrops, all prove that she was creating her own style and emotional intricacy that her AATW singles failed to show much trace of (although they do have their own appeal, but as trashy bootlegs, with the main stimulant being the instrumentals for her chorus to surf on).

Personally, I hold Girl up as her masterpiece - those songs are more melancholic and plaintively euphoric. Neon Nights was fashionable and fleshed-out. From what we have of the AATW songs that were released, only Love Fight triggered off the same visceral sensations. I Can't Sleep At Night, another planned single, was sleek by design (if I can use another Annie Lennox lyric, the genius of Dannii is the imposed fiction a lot of fans invent that she's jealous by nature, and Neon Nights really exploited her slightly darker qualities).

Thanks for commenting - I love talking Dannii!

QH said...

"Girl" is epic. I have that one as well. I feel Britney last three albums have kinda ripped of "Girl" and NN, but that is a discussion for an AIM or Yahoo IM box.

If you want to know more about Pat, thanks for the comment by the way, please give me an e-mail at Look forward to hearing from you.-Quentin