Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is happening with Diva Incarnate.

At the moment I am not able to consistently update the blog: the quality control has been uneven in terms of tone and content. Initially, much of the writing consisted of subtly imposing an irreverent fiction onto the subjects of my album and song write-ups, and more recently the humor became less vulgar and less obvious.  A recent 'return to form' post was my review of Sabrina Salerno's flop 1999 album Broken Flowers, but writing track-by-track articles can take a whole evening of listening to music, which is fine if I'm not tired or busy with other distractions.  My plan is to post when I can, but try and post at least one album review per month and aim to share a few songs or news of various happenings with the artists that I like.  My blog has never aimed to simply regurgitate news that is heard on other blogs (although I will always credit my source whenever this is the case, which is something I deleted another blog from my links section when they copied-and pasted material from my blog to theirs without even linking their source); and my blog has never been merely about building up readership by commenting on other sites simply to get my own web-page promoted.  So basically, if you have enjoyed my blog then I appreciate that enormously, but I simply can't go back to posting 20-30 posts per month ever again. I am in my final year of studies but am keen to keep Diva Incarnate thriving one way or another.  Feel free to follow me on twitter (the link should be at the top right of the page), and I would love to hear from people.

G xx

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