Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gala - Lose Yourself In Me (New Single 2011)

Gala's decision to embrace her dance legacy was clearly a close shave.
Owner of possibly the best sculpted cheekbones short of a 90 degrees angle, enigmatic musical hero of mine Gala has impressively sent shock-waves through my shivering body upon my first half a dozen listens of her very new spine-tingling single called, you might have guessed, Lose Yourself In Me, a dance-identified electronic, throbbing dance ballad.

Positively drenched in all her trademark Gala quirks, its melancholic splendor finds the Italian dance warrior on beguiling form (fans would expect nothing less).  I simply cannot think when I am enjoying new music as much as this - what a fine treat for my ears to hear it, an unexpected return to unequivocal dance music from the creator of the 90s classics Freed From Desire, Let A Boy Cry, Come Into My Life, Everyone Has Inside and Suddenly (which were all Italian top 5 smashes).  The song has already been embraced by a random German radion station and is #5 on this chart.  Gala continues to reek havoc around the world whilst touring and rigorously sharpening her game.  If we get a video, expect her signature androgynous posturing. Fed on a diet of visceral rhythms and philosophical lyrics, Lose Yourself In Me falls nothing short of mesmerizing.

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