Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Diva Incarnate Back To The 80s October Playlist

For me recently on a 4am girls and guitars bender: Cyndi Lauper (the fizzy acceleration of Money Changes Everything that doesn't touch the ground or the sides);   The Bangles's Going Down To Liverpool (blue-sky jangly pop par excellence, it really sets sail with their harmonies, but of course it is Debbie hear who makes it so irresistibly wistful and imaginative this time - the Susanah Hoffs spotlight was yet to be switched on);   Patty Smyth (her 1987 debut album is basically Cyndi meets Springsteen - lots of hightlights, her collaborators are in actual fact Eric Brazilian, Rob Hyman, William Wittman, Rick Chertoff, Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, so this is no surprise); the enchanting Rooms On Fire from the bewitching Stevie Nicks, and Voice of The Beehive (the fleshed out expensive chorus of Scary Kisses never fails to set my adrenaline to a high setting).    I'm also listening to the Divinyls, but it's the song Only Human On The Inside, and that was in the 90s - I always knew it as a Pretenders song (and that it was a cover), but Chrissy Amphlett's recogniseably expressive voice delivers the killer blow of the lyrics with more charm and radiance - and you need to wait for it's gentle fade out, at which point I wish it could go on for another 3 minutes itself.   I do need to mention the Go Gos, and so Our Lips Are Sealed is their bubbliest moment, Jane almost over-took it with her own Rush Hour, and Belinda's girlier efforts were rendered iconic by her voice of steel alone - the Julia Roberts of the radio.


QH said...

My favorite Nicks record is the electric "Rock a Little," with "Trouble in Shangri-La" in close second. I need to buy her new one before the year is out. I already mentioned in my response comment on my piece, that "Talk Show" is my favorite Go-Go's LP. Very rare on CD, thus far, I bought mine back in '05 for $8 dollars, in perfect shape. It's a prized possession.-QH

Diva Incarnate said...

I don't own a single Stevie album. I know a few of the obvious ones, but love Planets of The Universe - it totally reminds me of when I first learned to drive and my early wintry morning journeys to work. I'm not too familiar with the Go Go's other work either. I'm not very good am I? LOL

QH said...

No, you're good. It actually is great because when you do get into these acts, it'll be even more fun. "Planets..." is on "Shangri-La," which I think you'd like. "Talk Show" by The Go-Go's is often called their best work and it is. I'm happy to have it on CD, it isn't always easy to find.

In my ten years of record shopping I've seen it twice, once in 2005 when I got my copy, and back I think two years ago. I chuckled and knew someone would give it a good home when they spotted it.