Thursday, 6 September 2007

Bump & Grind From Behind

Michelle Gayle is her name and intimate mid-tempo Rn'B love grooves are her no-nonesense game. It is time for some serious straight-talkin' morning TV chatshow style neck-snapping, finger-waving fits of self-proclaimation, chair-throwing and step-father disowning showdowns - our Chelle's just not having any of it, not today! The funky opener Get Off My Back is a seductively malevolent jam with a delicious shadow of biting sharpness - its epeleptic scream-fest "my hommies know MEEE!" would make even Mel B Blush. Happy Just To Be With You was her Chic-shinning glory - her streetwise savviness to sample Good Times for the single release was a career high, but the album version here compliments her clear vision despite hitting the party more sober. After an initial heavy flow of sterile ballads, the record is solid enough and passes through with pride during the stronger second half where more jucier material settles. Excelling with pleasant,, faintly upbeat numbers, her true calling was quite obviously the poppier productions. 13 years on and Sweetness loses none of its undeniable giddy charm as one of the most luscious, brightest, nose-scrunchiest pop songs of the 90s. On the smoky ballad Personality, grounded Gayle spells it out as "cash ain't everythang." The briefly hilarious introduction to Freedom involves the type of typsy neo-camp conversation one might overhear whilst using public transport carrying lots of teenage Mothers. Gayle doesn't mince her words and is sporadically a force to be reckoned with when she finds the fertile ground to sprout the class to match the sass.

Get Off My Back
Happy Just To Be With You (Album Version)

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