Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Dilluted and Dumbed Down

Engagingly trite conspiracy theory lyrics aside, Bis were very capable of bristling electro gems. Dead Wrestlers is one of their finest examples, second only to their most memorable top 40 hit Eurodisco - the brat gimmick is utilised more effectively than on earlier tracks and becomes more appealing with every listen. The gloriously arrogant line "your politics are pantomine" is a misplaced casual quip that was their stock, with the dual vocal dynamic succeeding to brag in spite of an obvious regret. It is a pity the initial attention granted to this Glaswegian outfit had all but faded by the time they were producing considerably better material such as this, which was not even on an album - their loyal fanbase did not miss out, but mainstream success clearly was not on the agenda.

Dead Wrestlers

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