Friday, 14 September 2007

C'mon Burst That Juice All Over Me

90s Euro duo Diva were what Shampoo might have sounded like if produced by Not Over Yet helmers Grace - a manic rave swirls and throbs into a ferocious fervor like unwanted mouthwash to be spat out by Traci Lords hurriedly trying to get a salty taste out of her mouth before her next scene. As they are moaning the lyrics of a-ha one can only imagine the girls actually having a pot mouth each to boot - a pervading tone of autotune is only broken by their not expected rap demmanding a shared lover/stranger to "come on burst that juice all over me" which takes the girls to new heights of 90s faceless group-shagging delirium (I guess a facial does wonders for the complexion afterall). In less sticky hands the load-spurting track could have turned into quivering nonsense as if hysterically trying to find kleenex to clean up the mess.

However, these 2 girls devote serious and sustained effort: their moist, plaintive and robotic vocals - which are no doubt hindered by proudly owning bee-stung lips that also add a cheerful melodrama by interfering with the already strained delivery - and alarming Pete-Burns-fisted-by-Christina-Aguilera resemblance round out a super fierce slut image far too hard boiled to play coy. The videos' theme of doing sexy things with their down-turned eyes conveys a ditached pathos complete with chimes reminiscent of the Real McCoy; belonging to the same era gives the track a special sharp authenticity providing nostalgic goosebumps at the hammering chorus. If you can imagine the girls of the playboy mansion having hoovered up a full bin of crack each then you are probably half way there - and if deep throat was a passage for musical expression of excessive distress, Diva would pout proudly at the pinnacle.

The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit)
The Sun Always Shines On TV (Original Version)
The Sun Always Shines On TV (Volcano Club Edit)
The Sun Always Shines On TV (Perfecto Mix)
The Sun Always Shines On TV (Sunshine Mix)
The Sun Always Shines On TV (Sexy Disco Dub)

Watch the video here.

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