Monday, 5 November 2007

Come On, Catch Up!

Fans of Dannii (population; you!) might be salivating to know Keep Up With The Good Times has finally arrived, and it is all thanks to my very own bitchy probing:

"Well i believe Cher has lost a few wigs along the way - but i have to clear up the rumour that i ripped it off her - this is categorically NOT TRUE!
i hope no old songs that never made the Girl album ever surface - tracks that don't make and album, don't make it for a reason!
Dannii Disco Is A Rolling Stone - moving forward - come on, catch up....
kisses and hair products

Whatev - ask any stripper worth her boob jobs, Dannii delivers and as expected, the track is a succelent dive into Hi-NRG heaven ("you ain't ever gonna break the GIRL" indeed):

Keep Up With The Good Times
Keep Up With The Good Times (Xeonomania 12" Mix)

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Anonymous said...

Iz she a bitch innit?