Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Vitamin C Warms Up Her Engine

Pop fox Vitamin C has been commercially quiet since her More album criminally sunk without a trace. Promises were made regarding two 2007 albums, yet not all pop pioneers have the same energy levels as Diva Incarnate favourite Dannii Minogue. 2 new tracks were momentarily put up on a dubious myspace account, yet disappeared into mythical status. Until now...

The trigger that fires the promisingly eager Learning To Love The Enemy could well be her fully-loaded catapult back into the pop arena: clearly still in demo stage, her prowess is exhibited with her deft knack for producing biterweet cravings.

On the soft Smash It Up she is simply warming up, smoothing over old wounds with touching determination. C sounds a little overcome, but sweetly promises her trademark lyrical mayhem with sentiment alone. It's rather gorgeous, her velvety vocal on the line "with lies we fight with truth" lingers like it has been written in the sky.

I would imagine both have been written soley by herself and her husband Michael Kotch: a new album would most certainly attract collaborators to supersede previous triumphs; these being what they are, demos to attract a deal of sorts.

Learning To Love The Enemy

Smash It Up

Comments appreciated.


Jonny said...

Learning to Love the Enemy was from her shelved third album and Smash It Up was a bonus track to her debut. That MySpace was fake.

Diva Incarnate said...

Smash It Up does remind me of Smile so maybe that is not so surprising - although I am now disappointed it never made it onto the album, I adore it. Thanks for the info.

Jonny said...

It's really sad though that people start MySpaces claiming to have new material and to be the artist. I found an article saying C was hoping to have her new record out by Fall 2007. Well, fall came and went, so I'm assuming she's still looking for a new label. If I hear anything solid, I'll try to let you know so you can post something. =]

Chris said...

is there anyone who can re-upload these 2 tracks or email them to me at

i want them soooo bad!!!

Diva Incarnate said...

Well Colleen is with Jive now apparantly.

Chris, I'll send those tracks as oon as I can (assuming someone doesn't beat me to it).

Anonymous said...

could someone send these to me as well? I've been a fan since the Eve's Plum days yet this is the first I've heard of these songs!