Friday, 30 November 2007

The kind of dirty that don't wash clean

Shampoo sound like what might have happened had the 2 ugly sisters beaten up and killed Cinderella well before Prince Charming came knocking - they would probably castrate him. Beyond their accessible and familiar hits Trouble and Delicious, the disco-spunk ejaculation of the Waitresses' I Know What Boys Like could not sound more innocent in comparison to their usual trash punk terror. Their unnervingly hardboiled ASBO-imminent image is matched by material such as the sadistic fury of the ferocious Bouffant Headbutt ("your fucking dead" could be shouted from any high rise, or check-out assistant in Glasgow), I Love Little Pussy squeals out jagged melodic kitsch, Top of The Pops and the guiter grin of Blisters & Bruises. All of which are sang in either unflinching deadpan or spat out like trying to get rid of a nasty aftertaste whilst screwing up their faces.

Elsewhere, a more accomplished rampage was achieved: the camp lipstick smear of Viva La Megababes is more polished; the glossy Don't Call Me Babe could be the spoilt surly daughter of Cristina's Don't Mutilate My Mink ("cameras watching whilst we go shopping" bitch-slaps Britney's dead-eyed "cameras flashing while we're dirty dancing" - I can just picture them strutting out of New Look with half a dozen bras stuffed down their tights without batting an eyelid); and the remorceless grandeur of Girl Power suggests they probably developed a death wish for the Spice Girls after their early mantra was stolen.

Shampoo were anything but skanks, despite their tipex-sniffing appearance, their fiery outbursts and deadly pursuit of cruel gratification was simply way ahead of its time.

I Know What Boys Like

Bouffant Headbutt
I Love Little Pussy
Blisters & Bruises
Top of The Pops
House of Love
Don't Call Me Babe
Viva La Megababes
Girl Power

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