Monday, 14 January 2008

Smouldering Dehydrated Excitement

Louise Nurding feels the chaffing heat whilst blaming the "distraction" of finding her way into the locker-room of Liverpool FC with no clothes on for getting booted out of jesus freaks girlband Eternal. 'lil Lou would rather bash premiership football squads than bash a bible anyday, so the weak-at-the-knees drool-fest Distraction becomes yet another heat rash addition to her stash of smouldering pop slams. Beeds of sweat glamorously filter through her classy campaign to net a husband and spend all his money. Such recent neglect to a once boiling hot career of 2 out of 3 hit studio albums has obviously gave her a feverish itch in a place she is not used to - recent hollerings from her old high rise suggest the nostril-flaring goddess of princess-pop is willing to undergo the brutal challange of giving Dannii Minogue, Gina G, Lisa Scott-Lee and Jenny Frost a run for their money. Distraction has been an in-the-nose and in-the-know classic since appearing on the Japanese edition of her debut album Naked. Her casual gurning sets the tone; no conversation, just condensation. Along with the exhibitional opus title track, Distraction's dehydrated excitement must have left Louise so soaking she'd have needed a mop afterwards, making this a 3 minute pop slam sensation worth knowing.

Real Love

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