Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Clubcentric Confusion

The clubcentric Less SAD Mix of East 17’s Stay Another Day is a timely reminder that thousands of responsible citizens like to celebrate Christmas each year (and day of the week) by getting absolutely wasted. Such hedonistic tragedy is treated with traumatic sensitivity as the fluctuating heartbeat of the More SAD Mix mourns the binge drinkers and stray Hen Night Party goers of yesteryear, ‘booze heroes’ who bravely chose to choke on their own gargled vomit or a kebab they found in a bin; the epic crusade of clubbers determined to have a good time, even if they had to get arrested at least they gave it their best shot. So the original SAD Radio Mix proves to be the definitive version, an engulfing epic of endearing crestfallen emotion – 4 scallies pouring their DILF hearts out who could not have sounded more sincere if they were at a court hearing or on Trisha waiting for a DNA test result. Their disarmingly mature sense of confused loss builds to a gigantic level: echoing ghost-like backing vocals are like a soft sleigh of awe-struck tenderness, whilst tubular bells chime the new hope of next weeks dole money.

Less SAD Mix
SAD Radio Mix

More Sad Mix
Not So SAD Mix
Quietly SAD Mix
Even More SAD Mix
Even Sadder Mix

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