Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Finger On The Pulse

Why no play while you read?

When I started my blog a few years ago (it might also feel that I post as often as every few years), a favourite of mine was one of ageing diva Tina Cousins. Her dancefloor decay is evident on a face that looks trampled on by hords of happy club-goers. I am afraid that performing in too many chav clubs trying to sustain her taste for the high life has had its consequences: these places, as Dannii who avoids them knows (if one remembers my 'Dannii Roadkill' report), are dangerous - the moment a Cascada or Kelly Llorenna track starts, stampedes ensue and casualties are par for the course. Of course, punters run to the dancefloor when Cascada start pounding, whereas punters run away from the dancefloor when fake tan starts flooding the cloob as Kelly Llorenna whispers the name of her song ("is this really love or just a game?" was also her catchphrase as a hooker back in the day before making it big).

Cousins' remarkable survival has given her a revived sense of creativity on her new 90s trance anthem Can't Hold Back (The Years). "I finger you when I'm alone, it's what you do that turns me on" is unusually frank, but after her near-death experiences, Tina proudly giggles she's got nothing to lose these days. Please buy Tina's new song that isn't out yet - it's so good that she's been boasting about it since almost before I started writing this blog and I dread to think what her face will look like if you don't.


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