Thursday, 14 May 2009

Home (less) Coming Man

Kylie is not like Dannii: when she hits an all-time low she doesn't speed-dile the local lesbian strip bar like any normal 'do my chunky calves look big in these?' pop star. Realising her faux pas was being snapped by photogs, Kylie quickly covers her tracks and pretends she was only after the latest issue of The Big Issue. You just know the man found a discreet skip and had a wank about the whole thing - at least he had a sleeping bag to cover his modesty. Kylie should just go back to the back pages of Boyz magazine - isn't that how she found big Willy?


Mike said...

Fabulous! Kylie is so down with the common people ie. Dannii.

I'm so glad you're back blogging. The world needs Diva Incarnate!

Diva Incarnate said...

She's learning from the best!

Thanks Mike, your blog is an inspiration.