Friday, 29 May 2009

A 'Wind-In-The-Face' Facial

80s 'wind-in-the-face' summer anthem Rush Hour by ex Go Go's punk-pop-princess pixie Jane Wiedlin is a tireless classic that never runs out of fuel, sounding just as exhilirating some 21 years later after its release back in 1988. Despite nipping to the post ex-band mate Belinda's nip-and-tuck international success with the dreary Heaven On Earth, Jane never properly sustained her solo career and yet managed to record the classy Kissproof World in 2000. Taken from the album Fur, her courageous delivery salivates with her effortlessly excited-yet-understated vocals. Surely if ever Norway's hopeless whisper siren Annie wanted to quit messing around and finally have a hit, then she should look no further than covering Jane's fast lane romance gem by layering her vocals by a minimum of 1000 and finally get to know what it was like to be Geri Halliwell between April 1999 and March 2000. For those who think tilting your head back is only for recieving facials, this track is utter bliss and enjoying the breaze in such a manner comes second nature with this tightly-contained blast from the past.

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