Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Step By Step: Whitney Triumphs At Gay Club

Decaying diva's are Diva Incarnate royalty, and they don't come more histrionic and entitled than Whitney Houston on the comeback trail, premiering her new single I Didn't Know My Own Strength in the form of a palpatating Peter Rauhofer remix in a gay club full of fit topless homosexuals high on ecstasy. Judging from around 2.26 there is a bit of a high note suggesting Houston still has some of her lightning bolt strength left yet. If shirtless gays make you feel a tad underprepared for summer, just press pause and breathe a sigh of relief as they ain't all 'all that'. It may just be the bad sound quality, but this is one thunderous, Thunderpuss-worthy remix I cannot wait to strip to in my own local gay venue.

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