Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Robyn's New Vid

Dancing On My Own is certainly a contender for a top ten single of 2010 placing - its self-pitying manages to capture an honesty, yes, but when we do feel rejected in the club there is more to it than that. This is where the song fails - it's not about love in da club, it's about your body and what it is failing to do for you, or your hair, or even your teeth..... Where is the humiliation? Why is she so passive and sober?

However, Robyn looks amazing in her new video - if amazing means lesbionic that is, which is dyke-speak for 'looking good sister - fancy shaving your pits and sharing a taxi?'. Anyway, the radio mix doesn't quite stab you in the heart the way the album/E.P versison does, which is probably a good thing as the only spurting liquids on the dancefloor should come from either accidental ejaculations or deliberately grogging someone on the face for ruining your vibes. Fanwanking has already commenced on messageboards and blogs alike - it really puts me off this talented pop star when she is heralded as some sort of icon or legend, she is a no frills talent who frequently hits a nerve. She deserves success, but she is not about trying to claw her way to the top and all the fan-dross inadvertantly misses this point. Or, wait, maybe I am being a dick and good music is supposed to make people start talking about taking over the world and being number one for no other reason than vicarious social thrills. Who knows. But gurrl, sort your grill out - I bet your boyfriend's cock looks like it's been through a mincer after she's went down on him. I'm just saying...

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