Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Dandy Warhols Comes Down (1997)

Deadbeat-chic anthems such as Boys Better, the top twenty single Not If You Were The last Junkie On Earth, and the exhilarating and rippling spasms of Everyday Is A Holiday (it's sonic fuel of synthesizers, indie-disco and overall sulky magnificence, which sustains its grip at the center of such speeds, is pretty unbeatable). Shoe-gazing album tracks such as Cool As Kim DealMinnesoter, the glum I Love You and the shimmery Iggy Pop-esque stand out Good Morning (the jangly psychedelia creates a hauntingly somber euphoria that continues to fizz for exactly 5 epic minutes, taking full flight in no small part to its layered backing vocals gliding above the gauging grunge and sweet-sounding sneers). Admittedly, some of the songs just float away, but the big pop hooks are sky high.


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