Friday, 14 December 2007

Cristina's Christmas Chainsaw Masacre

With 11 days to go, if you haven't already killed yourself, many recording artists seem to get off on pushing people over the edge. Cristina's delicious infliction comes in the form of her miserable Christmas classic Things Fall Apart. The track is a collision between rueful depression and a merry punk backing, cleaning up the carnage of last nights party as well as the obvious metaphor of abandonment from the wreckage and task at hand to clean it all up. Cristina's numb heartache rests itself on carved cheekbones outlined by a stylized tear. The stark yuletide wonder - her unforgettable gasp "it's Christmas" could be the final breath of a lung cancer victim - fills one's own lungs with hot lead, a realization of defeat or grim panic. This is seriously one to wrap up the presents to: if you're giving someone a chainsaw that is.

Things Fall Apart

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