Thursday, 6 December 2007

Luscious, Loud & Clear

SWV 'give it up, turn it loose' on their funky seasonal jam Christmas Just Ain't Christmas (Without The One You Love), an anthemic ballad with a jaunty central melody. For these three, loneliness lurks in the dark shadows of the bright lights buzzing around them. The girls acquit themselves beautifully: expressing more than the notion of simply not getting any, the flowing verses unravel like dazzling spirals of melanholy melody. The slick bluesy production allows the girls to denote husky tones and glide into a glossy adult contemporary sound that fits them more comforatably than some of their sassier chart material. They have so much fun singing the smooth chorus that one starts to wonder if the title lyric is just an excuse to poke fun at their single friends whilst continuing to cash the royalties for Right Here. Sad songs give the season a sense of gravity - I love a good ballad at Christmas, and afterwards one feels all the better for it.

Christmas Just Ain't Christmas

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