Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Litter-Bug Lolly

Lolly's unreleased Pucker Up You Big Jessy might not have made it passed demo stage, but her uncontrollable twee tearjerker Big Boys Don't Cry is the encouragement some of us 23 year olds still need from time to time - two nights ago for me coincidentally as I wept on my bedroom floor after screaming "fuck the Spice Girls, then!" to my Mother and sister downstairs. Life is not this complicated when I play my Lolly cd's. Lolly is a life-long babysitter for gays of all ages who refuse to grow up - anyone who has been to CC Blooms in Edinburgh will know how true this can be. Lolly dislocates her neck, snapping it to the fiesty beat of no-nonesense anthem All You Need To Know, the sprinkling chaos of a pick n' mix food-fight in Woolworths.

Big Boys Don't Cry (Christmas Mix)

All You Need To Know

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