Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cher - You Haven't Seen The Last of Me

Cher's new Whitney-style huff-and-puff still-standing ballad You Haven't Seen The Least of Me Yet is certainly no Human, You Take It All, When The Love Is Gone or One By One that is for sure, but brings out some classic butch-but-camp mannerisms from the dramatic singer, such as the double entendre, her hefty female-Elvis gravy, and infinite remix possibilities through dramatic belting alone. I'm not daft on Diane Warren, who wrote both this and Whitney's strength re-gainer, and would happily hold a grudge on her for preventing Cyndi Lauper from releasing a Cher knock-off called I Don't Want To Be Your Friend back in the 80s, but I'm just so glad to hear new Cher material that I can overlook the laboured songwriting and enjoy what Cher brings so innately and effortlessly everytime. Cher has got this movie Burlesque in the bag - it might not be a hit, but her image has endured everything and her new album won't falter if the movie flops. Christina on the other hand, it seems, thankfully seems to have realized it is back to the drawing board as far as music goes.

Burlesque OST review coming soon.

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