Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cher's Red Carpet Therapy Session

Just look at this - Cher is still surviving those close-ups (nevermind the soldiers in Iraq, that is what I call bravery). Cher laughs off Christina's marriage break-up in wonderfully frank terms: "that just happens ... break-ups happen! ... you know, they just happen! ... she'll deal with it!" she nodds furiously to a reporter on the red carpet. Cher's legacy is further confirmed by a wig so natural she could pass for a really pale member of En Vogue, her lips have been all her's since 2003, and her contribution to the Burlesque soundtrack will soon be wetting the appetites of her rabid fans who have been waiting for new Cher music since her emotionally anthemic ballad Human was included on her last film Stuck On You's soundtrack way back in 2003!

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