Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gala - She Really Wants To Try It (2009)

By far the most deee-liteful highlight from Gala's life-in-the-making 2009 Tough Love album was her slithery lesbionic anthem She Really Wants To Try It, snarling all sorts of filth about her vagina. It was the original She Wolf, with a wormy, make that horny, bassline plunging into places I dare not think about. With percussion exclamations that would excite The Creatures, Gala gurns with confrontation or perhaps just zealous scorn for the lipstick liesbians who start to tease the girls when their gays ditch them to pull in the clubs. The Italian dance legend's love machine is literally her meal ticket, then, and by the sounds of it, if she doesn't get this girl to share a cab with her she'll probably devour herself rather than let anything go to waste.

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