Monday, 15 November 2010

The Things You Say....

Vintage 90s Bitch Dannii Daggers Returns!

It's been a while since hooker-jam Love's On Every Corner singer Dannii even remotely had a live on-air hissy fit (remember The Word, This Morning and Jonathan Ross to name just 3?), but charisma-vaccuum Konnie-something from the Xtra Factor said the wrong thing at the wrong time and Dannii exhaustedly hissed "un-boi-loi-voi-boil" and even went as far as an audible sigh. Akward! Anyway, poor Konnie-something, but it was great to see Dannii 'lose it' again - as awesome as she always is, this is kind of the reason I loved her in the first place (apart from the incredible 90s music of course).

1 comment:

Mike said...

Dannii is the realest girl on TV... unlike fake bitch Cheryl!