Thursday, 28 January 2010

Trish Flaps Her Flaps

The classy sight of an overweight black woman's weave sticking to her sweating forehead as she spits yet more of it off from sticking to her lip gloss, has never left me even if Lutricia McNeal left the UK charts years ago - I am talking about her legendary 1998 TOTP appearances of course. Her wide-bearth of rnb-tinged pop hits ran dry after an impressive 3 top 10s: Ain't That Just The Way (the kind of Mary J-ish pop melody Shola Ama would have killed her dealer for), the simply stunning Stranded and the song she wrote for homeless people, Someone Loves You Honey.

The competent Perfect Love wasn't even given a chance, and it was not until 2005 when I worked in a really big department store in Glasgow that I heard her true masterpiece: 2000s Fly Away. With its gushing melancholy and striking resemblance to Dannii Minogue's 1995 smash hit Everlasting Night, it felt like a full facial I dare not wash off, and no man, woman or tranny has ever splashed my face with quite the same emotion ever since.

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holly said...

You're so good at this.