Sunday, 15 May 2011

Always A Diva

Above: "Close he door please!" Also, very interesting to hear that she only came back because it was Germany or the UK hosting the competition.

Well I have been truly saddened that Dana didn't make it through to the final - we never got to see the dress she had planned. Her performance was relatively understated, but her catwalk strut towards the final stages of Ding Dong was nothing short of life-defining and awesome. In truth, the song did not have the strange and exotic appeal of her 1998 victory anthem Diva: music, or Eurovision at least, had caught up with her sound and Miss International came back with a competent disco song, with plaintive rejoice and a sweet music video, but she has produced better songs in all 3 of her last albums (her biggest native hit to date was as recent as 2007 with the swanky Kylie Fever era sounding Love Boy), and sadly Ding Dong just wasn't anything exceptional despite the fact that it grew on me like a teenager with acne.

If the drama of that catwalk strut could have been sustained throughout perhaps she just might have caught people's imaginations more. Dana was the highest Eurovision worldwide Twitter trender throughout all of the contest (including the final), so the dance diva legend most certainly had the opportunity to use the platform with more aplomb, but overall I am happy to have seen her on a worldwide stage once again - I just hope she can do it again some time. Anyway, here are some youtube clips that are in turns: hilarious, glamorous (she needed another Glamorous to come back with, no?), maddening and wordlessly amazing!

Above: apart from the annoying presenter, I just love Dana strutting around the red carptet and acting like a fabulous hot mess to get as many pictures taken as possible.

Above: "Do I need to introduce these people, my totally straight friends?... Okay, it was nice rehersal because I like myself... Darling, I know the question.... Can I say something un-PC?... Because they are not straight!"

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