Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gina G's Next 2 U: The Verdict

Ever since I showed no apology for loving that half-naked Australian dance queen sparkle, flick and strut on the Eurovision stage as a typical 11 year old boy with a thing for spectacular eurodance tunes back in 1996, I have been salivating for the unique flair, style and Hi-NRG excitement of Gina's music: classics such as the lavish I Belong To You, flamenco-flutter of Ti Amo, the emphatic Ooh Ahh, the jittery anticipation of Rhythm of My Life (and its amazing lyric "my brother doesn't like you, my sister thinks you cool"); the frisky innuendo of the title track Fresh!; the rampant dance binge of Gimme Some Love; and the more plaintive exotica of It Doesn't Mean Goodbye. There might not have been much material since, but if I am honest this has probably only enhanced her myth and status. However, there have been highlights such as her trance-formation on the very Riva-esque Heaven (her biggest hit that never was), and a certain atypical delight in the form of a song called Next To You that was leaked via her facebook page in order to quench her fan's thirst for more tunes, and probably just to settle their nerves in such trying times of uncertainty. Its style was minimalist, almost like La Roux serving up a song for a 90s Nintendo computer console: what remained were the singer's trademark gushing vocals and excited lyrical topic of cute boys (is there anything else worth talking about in life? I don't think so). Gina released her belated follow-up to Fresh! called Get Up & Dance, and a few of its highlights have been remixed for a future release, including a re-vamped Next To You, now cleverly re-named Next 2 U in order to appeal to people who can't spell. Throwing her spell-checker out the window, this gem has now been given a glossy make-over, the wistful melody is now enhanced with rainbow-sprouting synths and glistening piano keys. In other words, it's pretty amazing. Check your iTunes and support Gina G's latest comeback. Hopefully I shall post a youtube clip of it soon.



Anonymous said...

Great stuff - Gina has put Next2U up on both Australian and UK itunes! x

Anonymous said...

crap...being in the us sucks sometimes. can't find this anywhere

Diva Incarnate said...

Hi. Email me. It does suck a bit that it's not on US iTunes as it's available in Canada.