Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dana International - Ding Dong music video!

The song Ding Dong has become something of a grower. It's certainly no Love Boy, and while her last album, the critically acclaimed Hakol Ze Letova from 2007, displayed a vicacious and emphatic vigour that suggested her next move would be equally as bold and daring, this new song is efficiently glamorous and sweet if nothing else. I'm in a real panic that Eurovision is happening whilst I have to cram for exams, so I won't be posting anything substantial for another week and a half. I'll also be starting a new blog, and shall provide more details in due course. Dana will perform on the second Eurovision 2011 semi final tomorrow evening to compete for a place on Saturday's final, so stay tuned for another update with my verdict, and please vote for her! Oh, and the video is stunningly impressive - presumably Dana upped the budget by selling some of her gown on ebay, which explains why she's sitting on those suitcases.

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