Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Always a Diva

It seems after a bit of a slump of sorts, Dana International is once more 'back in business' in Israel at least. After signing a new deal, Hakol Ze Letova was released (a tender ballad, on a bit of a 'torch song bender' with a disco beat to set it sail inside her artificial womb if she has one), but her next single, the teasing Love Boy is apparently doing very well on the radio before its release and that of an untitled new album.

Maybe Flaunt shall play it if these male prostitutes are anything to go by:

I'll bet she needed an ice pack afterwards. When her waspish yet regretful vocals sting with the right material (Diva, Lola, Flash Gordon) she hairflicks into her own prestigious league of aloof yet spellbinding glamour, a proper artist of real calibre. Hakol is already, probably my favourite song of 2007, it has an uncertain, preoccupied pathos that is like Dietrich ruefully staring at herself in the mirror thinking about the troops or a frozen lasagne she has in the microwave. Love Boy ain't in proper English or owt, but if she is attracting famous Gay Jr. Vasquez to produce another song she has (You Get Down On Me, the dirrty tranny) then perhaps the global village shall be hers once more. Look how much of a bear Jr. Vasquez is, it is almost quite sweet in a 'I know we are both gay, but please do not touch me' 'obviously' way.

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