Friday, 13 July 2007

Siouxsie Sioux - Into A Swan

With a name that conjures a not unknown poem, the gates to Siouxsie’s perverse playground appear open once more as it begins with a mechanical moan, like a long-planned invasion suddenly commencing. Littering the screem dazzlingly, la Sioux sings a sense of overcoming wasteful debris in life – the transformation is not necessarily musical, sounding like a delicious and striking cut from the almighty Anima Animus album. The accompanying video provides the perfect flashlight for her iconic features – a shock as always is received to the senses upon impact both visually and musically, and her legendary image, courageous music merging together in an eerie, shimmering and spectacular launch. Her strained drawl pledges faith in the face perilous danger, and renders a her forever beguiling allure a release unique to only herself. The mirror effect toys with the illusionary aspect to her façade, in the delicate clutch of garishly painted nails, it is an image that refuses to shatter. With her freezing stare or wanton body movement, Siouxsie is simply awesome when let loose and begins to awake to the music, a stormy expedition wherein she sounds as spellbinding as ever.

Siouxsie - Into A Swan (video link)

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