Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Doormat Diva

Like all above average, or otherwise, preserving dance divas (she sleeps in her fridge you know), Tina C wantonly opens the floodgates to her neverending suffering at the hands of yet another sadistic lover to have slipped through her cloying fingers, in a glittering toilet flush of faceless Hi-NRG trance. Like travelling through the foyer of her aching sugar walls, the poised verses are sombre and almost distracted with soft regret but cannot suppress her masochistic exhibition for long - she is only too happy to suffer so we don't have to, almost to the point of bragging. The euphoric chorus restores her fragile esteem by desiring the arms of an ex-lover, usurping into a surge of uplifting froth, foaming at the mouth with aspartame and painkillers. With such excessive melodrama showcased, Cousins is unlikely to ever meet this cad again and comforatably celebrates her 'distress' the best way she knows how - the power of song. Rather than smear her mirrors using her own unloved faeces, or anybody elses, the destructive raver wisely finds a more hygiene-friendly outlet for her hysterical depression - the Gays. Her generic dance version of Lene Nystrom's Pretty Young Thing is glamorously assured and rather nice it has to be said, one can almost feel the sensation of her needy 'love machine' tinkling with rejoice once more, that is until it all hits the skids again. Until then...

DJ Mystik ft. Tina C - Just Hold Me Now
Pretty Young Thing
Wondeful Life (Kenny Hayes Mix)

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