Sunday, 15 July 2007

PG-Rated Fierce

The legacy of Louise is a curious one as it is easy to overlook her immense achievements. Even Shaz Bags from the All Saints noted; carving herself out as a dancer rounded out 'The Nurd' as a Pop Princess performer that was "Britney before Britney" - it was with the legendary, drooling and hypnotic sex-romp fury Naked that truly set this slinky pop tart apart, providing hours of nationwide masterbation material for FHM readers and wasted no time appealing to the gays of a certain kind (i.e, the best ones with waistlines and stuff). Her mild blips would occur wherein the soft, quietly soulful voice either required her backing vocalists to take over the bloomin' songs (the spell-it-out Undivided Love springs to mind) or just failed to ignite a plethora of leave-it-out adult contemporary ballads.

Whatever, Louise was sporadically very compelling at her game, and the PG Rated Club Remix of Let's Go Round Again rapes the ears of any self-respecting giddy dancefloor whore, taking a peek from her top selling album Woman In Me (1997) peak, and has raw Italo-piano keys splattered wantonly like flies on a car registration plate. When she fails to deliver one completely switches off, but she can prove very effective on her high-adrenaline pop slams. With her next album Elbow Beach (2000) she worked largely with the same writing team, but needed to feed further off shore as it failed, beyond the hilarious 2 Faced People ("Hi Louise!"), to last the full stretch. An intense rush of sniffing poppers with the power of a Dyson hoover, and deluxe dancefloor sweat, Let's Go Round Again was her biggest selling UK hit, despite the mediocre chart placing as it stayed put around the hectic Christmas period, and this royal remix is a venture worth celebrating, highlighting a defenceless lead vocal that sounds slightly off-key in places and all the more dramatic for it - fans of Alexia's Almighty-remixed Uh La La La might enjoy a 7-minute opus that is equally hedonistic and magical.

Let's Go Round Again (PG Rated Club Remix)

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