Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Rachel's Diary

Hey Everybody!

Well as some of you may have realised I'm back in LA! Yes, I've said it before... It's turning me into a complete whore, I can't believe there are so many Jewish men here who want to go on dates and sleep with me! I'm over the moon, have literally 9 meetings booked this month and lots of sunbathing to do. I'm size 12 UK and fucking LOVING it!

Talk about no interest in my music ...! This week has been 'crazy boys' busy! Luckily I came over with lots of condoms so it's been parties, meetings, lunches, dinners and of course ... starbucks! So, basically I have been settling in and making lots of new male LA friends, but last night I met someone completely out of the blue whilst I was just about to open the door to my fantastic new LA apartment. He was very sweet and slammed me against my door and fucked me senseless "like the whore I am" as he made me say repeatedly as he held the sharp edge of a broken S-Club CD case to my throat, then vanished without even leaving his number!! Not that I saw what he looked like as he was wearing a balaclava, the suspense!! Needless to say, I don't think there was much love in that negotiation ..... this is every girl's dream!

Anyways, gotta dash, I have lots of girlie things to do such as make-up, dresses, red carpet, etc, my life in LA is so very glamorous and absolutely manic - I've never seen anything quite like it! I'm really enjoying all the LA cock I'm getting. There were some very funny ones and some emotional ones too - it doesn't take much for me! There's been a few Brittish ones too, and uncut ones belonging to guys who probably aren't even Jewish!! Boy has my vagina been sore since I moved to LA!! Life is so hectic I've not even had the time to have my period this month!!!

I've also picked up a script for a film called "I Know Who Jizzed Your Tits Last Summer 3" which is meant to be brilliant - I hope I get the part of Girl #4!! As if that was not enough, I have a dinner date with the gorgeous guy I share a flat with, when I asked him what time he said "yeah, whenever I get back" in a very LA way that you might not understand. I don't know how I'm going to squeeze it all in!! When I'm not working, the sun's out, I'm catching up with old dates here and making new ones and of course, squeezing in a bit of shopping here in LA! Right, I have to go and get some man - very hungry! I'll be in touch soon.

From LA with love - "everything is beautiful!"

Rachel Steve xxxxxxx

P.S, hear the throb of my massive hit single Funky Dory - Rarely Vertical Vocal Mix. All my gay friends love it, they tell me like it is when I need to hear it girlfriend, keep me real and shit. Snaps for the gays being gay.

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