Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Goddess of Gutteral Splattering

Yes indeed, the awesome and legendary Nina Hagen spits "the lies about HIV", hisses "starvation and leprosy" and spurts out "diet soda" amongst the many evils of the world as if her life depended on it to save the whole universe. Boasting a raw voice like an awakened Mother Earth herself; tender, jagged or an all-out shower of histrionic gutteral splatterings. The swaggering glorification of So Bad is akin to having a cannon ball fired straight in your face, it is a violent release of her distinctive lungs. Hagen's finely ravaged vocals extend and swell magnificently into full operatic charge. Conversely, the jaunty and hypnotic Abgehaun is one of the most sincere and intimate ballads likely to be heard from any icon of music. Despite this, none of her trademark over-excited delievery is at all supressed, there can never be any doubting her tirelessly unique persona as the track jangles and sustains a shimmering redemption. Her heartbreaking cover of Sunday Morning, Sonntagmorgen, could be the world starting over again, choking with sentimental lushness, her gentle cooing sharpens into the cackle of a whip as if hurriedly whispering to share some marvelous secret. Snowflakes falling down on Christmas morning could not feel more rapturous than this. Lastly in my small Nina celebration, another cover My Sweet Lord lures and mawks one into her glamorously grotesque death disco, a psychedellic fun-house that rounds out yet another roaring incarnation for a singer who also has one of the best dress-up boxes and wig collection to rival Cherokee transgender Cher. The world should stand still for Nina Hagen - a diva more mighty than her cult recognition serves her spectacular release.

So Bad

So Bad (Utah Saints Remix)
My Sweet Lord
Ave Maria

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