Thursday, 18 October 2007

Don't Bogart The Scalpel

Dana "don't Bogart the scalpel" International stoically revisits the storage facility incarcerating her locked away severed penis (now shriveled up in a beetroot jar) one last time before selling it on eBay and delivering another soft one by engaging in her most poised and pounding surgical Hi-NRG fury to date. Bequeathing her unique waspish showcase of collected pathos, colossal triumph and colonic agony, the vitric vocals (often coughing up storms of in-your-face phlegm) convey chemical warfare or else the sudden climax of a no-going-back bittersweet celebration that only a post-op pop star tranny could ever convincingly comprehend without just saying so. Her imperial facade masks the blistering horror of unthinkable surgical procedures not even Joan Rivers would sign her daughter Melissa up for as a surprise the night before Oscars, yet the 2001 single Lola, as a recurring tanoid announcement from a French supermarket, assumes one of the artists finest and most fatal incisions since saying goodbye to the little general. A panic purge of painkillers pouring down the pan pulsates her laser sharp adroit disco.

The remix of 2007s Hakol Ze Letova (Everything Is For The Best) is less tranquil than the original ballads' cumulative plaintive gust yet perfectly preens newcomers for her faaaaaaaaaabulous new album, of which has so far spurted three highly-rated singles: the serene sheen of Hakol Ze Letova (here given a mild dance infection); her cut-off cock-teaser Love Boy (complete with male prostitutes in the video); and At Machuna is infinitely more fierce than Rihanna's empty tank Shut Up & Drive.

The piano-galloping Betula sweeps itself up in a warm current that could be K-Klass in their 90s prime, whilst the 'Ethnic Virgin' option offers the diva more wings than her old catalogue of designer vaginas.


Hakol Ze Letova (Amir Afargan Remix)

Love Boy
Love Boy (Zigo Eli Remix)

Betula (Ethnic Virgin Remix)

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