Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Niki Harris

On her Do You See The Light guest vocal for Snap! moment in the faceless dance track spotlight, Niki Harris's head was so far up Madonna's colonically-cleaned arse all she could see was darkness - quite who she was talking to is anyone's guess, but a terrified African orphan who couldn't speak English probably was not the best person to ask. "I'm gonn' tell the work about this love" blackmails Madge for more pay, or else takes hanger-on earstwhile backing singer sisterhood solidarity to new levels. The 2002 trance-tastic re-release, credited to Snap! Vs Plaything, deposits a welcome update of an originally unremarkable moderate hit. These days Harris stays as far away from Madonna's arse as possible, but has been known to occaisionally "freak out" if smokers on the street stop to ask for a light.

Do You See The Light (Radio Edit)
Do You See The Light (Extended Version)
Do You See The Light (Steve Murano Edit)

All smiles (L-R): Donna DeLory, Madge, Niki; HRH soon got them chucked out for being "fat".

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